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Meet Your Committee

We are excited to introduce you to the dedicated group of individuals who have been elected to serve on our committee. Our committee plays a vital role in ensuring the success of our organization, and we believe it’s important for our members to know who they are and what they do.

Paul Hamilton

Founder &
President of NPGAA

Paul lives in VIC and started the Pygmy Goat breed in Australia through imported embryo’s and semen. Paul is passionate about improving the Pygmy qualities within Australia through NPGAA.

Christine Falconer

Founder, Vice President
& Registrar

In the late eighties Christine owned Saanen goats, and in 2002 Plumbago Stud was formed and Christine became a breeder of Miniature goats. Christine is recognised as a Foundation breeder of Miniature goats in Australia. In 2016 using Artificial Insemination with her goats and the services of Paul Hamilton, Christine began breeding Pygmy goats. Christine completes registrations, transfers, and enquiries regarding these issues.

Naomi Ingram

& NSW Representative

Naomi commenced her goat journey in 2016 and quickly fell in love with the pygmy breed. Naomi is located near Coffs Harbour NSW situated half way between Sydney and Brisbane. Naomi is a Chartered Accountant that is experienced in not-for-profit associations and is looking forward to assisting the committee and members of NPGAA as our organisation continues to grow.

Karen Bowron

Founder, Treasurer & Registrar

Karen began breeding Miniature goats in 2010 and Springfield Farm Stud was formed. Karen is recognised as a Foundation Breeder of Miniature goats in Australia. In 2016 using Artificial Insemination with her goats and the services of Paul Hamilton, Karen began breeding Pygmy goats. Karen completes the financials for NPGAA and assists Christine with registration duties and is the WA Registrar of NPGAA.

Carolyn Hamilton

Show Manager

Carolyn is the National Show Manager of NPGAA. Carolyn is available to assist and help members with enquiries and the organizing of local shows in all states and the Virtual Shows held by NPGAA.

Jan Donnelly

Victoria Representative

I started my goat journey 2 years ago when I bought 2 does and 1 buck. I brought them home as babies and now they are beautiful adults. I joined NPGAA. Paul Hamilton is my go-to person when I have any concerns. That was from feed to vaccinations to breeding.So much to learn and so many different options. Still learning all the time.

Russell Pratten

Membership Officer &
WA Representative

I live in the Perth Hills in a location called Gidgegannup (Place of spears) on a small hobby farm where we breed Pygmy Goats. A teacher by profession and an avid goat lover. Our aim is to breed Pygmy Goats that exhibit the characteristics outlined in the breed standard while supporting other enthusiasts in their journey. Working together as a team is such an enjoyable aspect of the process and so much can be achieved. At  “RustnRed Pygmy Goat Stud”  we are exploring how we can incorporate lots of colours into our herd including the beautiful blue eyes and moonspots. We are in a fortunate position in that the National Pygmy Goat Association of Australia  (NPGAA) encourages breeders to explore the colours and to help develop the breed in Australia. We chose the NPGAA as it is the only association that is exclusively there for the Pygmy Goat enthusiast and that the people as so supportive and friendly and their knowledge and commitment to the breed is second to none. Now that I am a part of the committee I will do my best to continue promoting the breed and helping others to realise their goals/dreams.

Jo Mitchell

Queensland Representative

I have fulfilled many roles over the years. Daughter, sister, wife, mother, university student, company director and writer. I started my own marketing business in 2000, selling that in 2009 and am still currently a director of our business on the Sunshine Coast Qld. My passion is my writing and have completed nine novels to date. But my love is my goats. We brought our farm in 2011 and we are lucky to live on the beach with a beautiful creek meandering through our property. My goatees are spoilt. This love began when I brought 5 random goats to help keep the weeds under control in our sheep paddocks.  I fell in love and from there became a breeder of miniature goats. That was until I first saw a pygmy goat. Life has never been the same. I now have thirty plus beautiful Pygmy x Miniatures and each day is a wonder at how much they provide unconditional love to my life.

Lynn Murfet

Tasmania Representative

Lynn lives in Tasmania and can assist with help or advice on any events or displays in Tasmania. Lynn is a teacher at a school in Tasmania who breed our Pygmy goats as part of the school’s curriculum. Lynn with the assistance of her students regularly represents NPGAA and organizes and attends shows in Tasmania.

Red Berson

WA Representative

Red is a partner in the RustnRed Pygmy Goat Stud along with Russell Pratten and Jake Patterson. Living on a hobby farm his time is spent with pygmy goats, alpacas, a cow and a number of German Shepherds. He has become a devoted fan of the Pygmy Goat breed and is keen to explore the use of diverse genetics in improving the standard of their herd. Along with his partners his aim is to stay true to the Australian Standard while incorporating blue eyes, moon spots and colour into their herd. Red is also keen to promote the breed throughout Western Australia and is working to increase the number of agricultural shows breeders can display, and in 2024, show their goats with a qualified judge.

I have 30 years experience in Website building, hosting, SEO, Coding and everything else computing and IT. I have previously managed local Football and T-Ball club websites as well as held the Registrar positions. I really enjoy the team aspect of being on a committee and look forward to helping the NPGAA have an online presence that is current and valued by its members.

Now retired due to ill health, I enjoy the peace and quiet of life at Eagleburra, our small family farm in the south west of WA. I resisted Michelle begging for goats for over 13 years until I met our first pygmy goats and now my daily activities revolve around our very spoilt pygmy goats and border collies.

Michelle Wrighton


I live in the south west of WA on our family farm, surrounded by our horses, sheep, border collies and goats. I fell in love with Pygmy’s in 2011 and have waited many years to fulfil my dream of welcoming them to our family.

I’m a Professional Photographer and artist specializing in pets, horses and livestock and run a boutique style photography studio on our farm. I hope to assist the NPGAA promote Pygmy Goats with the marketing and design skills I have gained from having owned small businesses since 1995.

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